Running a Business With a Cell Phone or Tablet

Years ago when a person wanted to start their own business or build up an existing business there was often considerable amount of running here and there to get things set up. Advertising a new business or existing business was very time consuming, resulting in very little feedback from prospective customers and loss of revenue. Today with cell phones and tablets starting a business or growing an existing business is easy to do with all of your information right at your fingertips.

Using your cell phone or table makes running your business much easier. If you happen to be a person who enjoys family time, or spending time with friends a cell phone or tablet can keep you in touch with your clients with click of a button. Problems can be resolved quickly instead of waiting because your clients have the option of either contacting you by email on your tablet, or leaving a message on your cell phone.

With any type of business it is important to keep your cell phone or tablet up to date with the modern technology. If you have a cell phone that keeps dropping calls that will not give a good impression for your business. Your tablet should be able to run on battery power for several hours, but having a car charger for the tablet making things easier for you and your customers.

Some business owners wonder if they should get just a cell phone or a tablet. Ask yourself what type of cell phone reception do you receive in the area you live in? If there are areas that the cell phone reception is poor or non-existent, it would be best to purchase a tablet that way you always have a back-up plan for your business.

If you feel confident that your cell phone will work all the time and feel that is the only tool you will need, then go with that route, however if you feel a tablet is all you will need for your business than go that route instead. Whichever one you decide to use stay consistent with your choice of tablet or cell phone, so your business will run smoothly every day.

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Typical Satellite Television Service Misconceptions

Typical Satellite Television Myths

If you’re interested in getting satellite television, it might be a good idea to learn some of the misconceptions and myths that are often associated with it. If you want this type of television service, be sure you know the truth first.

Awkward, Overly Large Satellite Dishes

People often believe that satellite dishes are huge and awkward. Although they might have been that way long ago, that’s simply not the case today. Technological innovations have helped manufacturers create satellite dishes that are small but at the same time also offer superb quality. If you’re worried about satellite dish size, you don’t have to be.

Buying Satellite Equipment

Many people are concerned about having to purchase satellite equipment, specifically satellite dishes. This simply isn’t true with all satellite television providers. Many of these providers give their customers several HD receivers completely free. Many companies even offer their customers complimentary professional installation for several rooms in their residences.

Rain and Weather Considerations

Some people fear that satellite television stops working any time it rains. If there’s a standard thunderstorm going on outside, people generally shouldn’t experience any outages. Strong rains shouldn’t lead to any frustrating satellite television outages or disruptions either. When intense weather conditions do lead to problems (which is rare), they’re generally extremely short-lived. This means that your service will usually be working A-OK again in a matter of mere minutes or often perhaps even seconds.

Cost Consideration

It isn’t at all uncommon for people to think that satellite television is significantly pricier than cable television. Information from J.D. Power and Associates actually indicates the opposite. It states that monthly satellite television subscriptions from prominent companies are often cheaper than cable television subscriptions. If you’re concerned that a satellite television subscription might break the bank for you, you can throw that worry out the window right now.

Channel Choices

Many people also believe that there aren’t many channel choices with satellite television packages. That too isn’t generally true. People who opt for satellite television usually have an assortment of channel packages they can pick between. Some people with satellite television have access to close to 300 different channels, too.

Do Your Research

If you’re thinking about investing in satellite television, make sure you review all of the misconceptions that are typically associated with it first. You’ll definitely learn a lot that way.

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Saving Money is easy with these simple tricks

Struggling to make ends meet? The following five tips will send your phone, Internet, and cable bills through the floor:

Rely on the Internet

Depending on what shows you watch and how often you watch them, you may not need a cable connection at all. Websites like Netflix and Hulu offer a wide range of programs for subscriptions that are several times cheaper than cable service. You can also buy individual episodes of your favorite shows on Youtube á la carte.

Use the Library

Don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you to give up TV and movies in favor of books. In addition to lending books, most libraries will also let you borrow movies, video games, and TV episodes. Most libraries offer membership for free or for a small fee, so as long as you turn in all your DVDs on time, you’ll be able to see all your favorite movies at a fraction of the cost of cable.

Eliminate Long-Distance Calls

Although few are willing to scrap phone service entirely, you can eliminate the long-distance phone fees by using online services like Skype or FaceTime. Whenever you have to talk with someone outside of your town, ask if they’d be willing to have a video conference instead of a phone call. Odds are, they’ll consider the ability to talk face-to-face an upgrade.

Combine Your Policies

If you aren’t willing to give up any one service, you can still lower your bill by grouping the services together. Don’t purchase cable, Internet, and phone service from separate companies. Instead, find a company that will sell you all three services at a discount. Just make sure that the discount doesn’t go away after the first few months of use.

Ask Nicely

Consumers often overlook the easiest way to lower their bills: ask your providers to lower them! Call up your cable, Internet, and phone providers and explain to them that you appreciate their service, but would like to know if you could get a discount on your bills. Companies value loyal customers, and they usually make high enough profits to afford lowering prices for the few who are bold enough to ask. Odds are, they’ll give you the discount.

Order Vonage

At $9.99 per month for the first year of service, Vonage is one of the most affordable phone service providers on the market.

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